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NSW Sponsorship – Venture Capital Entrepreneur Visa – Subclass 132B

In our earlier post we discussed the Department of Immigration’s requirements for the granting of a permanent residency visa under subclass 132B.

To recap, this is a visa pathway for those who have obtained at least A$1 million in funding from an AVCAL approved Australian Venture Capital firm.

Sponsorship (also known as a nomination) is required by a State Government to obtain a visa under this subclass.

If the applicant intends to establish a business in NSW an application for sponsorship is made to the NSW Government.

In addition to the Department of Immigration requirements, the NSW Government requires that applicants have a business plan for a complying entrepreneur activity that demonstrates that the activity that is to be undertaken in NSW:

  • Proves a commitment to maintaining an ongoing relationship with NSW, and
  • Is proposed to lead to the development of an enterprise or business in NSW, or the commercialisation of a product or service in NSW.

The NSW Government advises a priority processing time of five (5) business days for Business Talent visa nomination applications, so long as the application documentation is complete.