Business Visas

Individuals who have a history of successful business ownership and who want to move to Australia should consider the following visa pathways:

The subclass 132 visa provides for permanent residency in Australia straightaway.

The subclass 188 visa is a provisional or temporary residency visa, which progresses to permanent residency under subclass 888 after meeting qualifying requirements, as discussed here.

The subclass 457 visa is a temporary residency visa, and can be renewed on a recurring basis every 4 years.  It can also lead to permanent residency via an employer nomination, usually after 2 years of employment with the employer as the holder of a subclass 457 visa.

GM Business – a division of Go Matilda Visas – is your ideal partner for guidance and advice on a business visa strategy.

We are Australian visa advisors, and our Managing Director is a qualified Chartered Accountant in Australia.

We have associates who can provide ongoing support to you in an accounting and tax capacity as you establish and develop your business or investment activities in Australia.

We work with our clients on the basis of fixed fees, and a wish to have a long term relationship based on our expertise, trust and a quality service.

We look forward to hearing from you.